Since Jerome’s death his widow Anne continues to collect items, carry out research and write articles on many of the fast disappearing Bands which once played such an important role in the Military way of life both at home and overseas.

Fortunately Anne realised that this collection needed to be preserved as many of the bands were being disbanded and their histories lost.
The collection is now a charitable trust and is listed in the National Archives; Anne with help from trainees and volunteers is now undertaking the mammoth task of archiving and digitising this vast collection so that eventually it can be made available to all. The Trust has now applied for funding from The Heritage Lottery and has found 2 rooms where the archiving and digitising can be started. The whole collection will be properly catalogued at the end of the two year project.

The Trust receives copies of the following publications: Soldier Magazine, Fanfare, Blue Band, Blue & Gold, Royal Edinburgh Tattoo and Shrewsbury Flower Show Programmes and Band Notes from USMC “President’s Own” Marine Band
The Trust also receives Books and CD’s to review. Anne gives Talks about the collection showing many photographs and playing music, to many local groups around the south east Wales area and is always very well received.

Review of Bands of Sisters by Jill M Sullivan

U.S. Women’s Military Bands during World War II
Scarecrow Press Ltd ISBN 978 – 0 – 8108 – 8162 – 4
American ‘wind Band Series No 3

"Bands of Sisters" covers a much neglected section of the history of women in the military in America and to some extent of Women worldwide. Jill Sullivan’s excellent, well researched publication also fills a gap in the history of military music. The breadth of information and excellent photographs make compulsive and interesting reading, especially where race and colour separated the bands.

A follow up would be wonderful to outline the contribution made by British Women in the world of Military Music

I would recommend this book to any person interested in Women’s history, Military Music, and Military History in general. It will certainly have a place on the bookshelves of the Jerome Gatehouse Collection Trust

Anne Gatehouse Life Trustee JGCT

Charity Status

We are now registered as a charity.
Our charity number is 1127433.

National Archives

There is now a listing for Jerome Gatehouse at the National Archives.
You can view this online here.

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