HLF Bid Resubmitted

News is expected soon regarding our bid that was submitted at the end of August.

Letter From Laura Dobbs-Hellyar

Laura worked with us as a student intern from March 2013 to March 2014 and did a huge amount of work with the collection. We were very grateful to receive the nice letter below from her, and wish her every success in her future career. Laura’s report from the Europeana conference can be read here

To the Chairman and the Trustees:

I write this letter to you to say thank you for the support that I have received during my time at the Jerome Gatehouse Collection.

I have enjoyed my time and working with you over the months that I have been here and learned a lot about archiving and the collection.

I have also learned why you have ‘Banded’ together to preserve such a Collection. It is a valuable piece of history that I have never seen before and without you the Collection would not have gotten this far.

I also thank you for the funding I received to be able to attend the Europeana Conference in Berlin. The conference was not only useful for the Collection and its promotion in Europe, but also for my studies as part of my university degree. Through the conference I was able to find unique sources for my dissertation so I am able to gain my honours and for that I am indebted to you.

I am now leaving the Collection to complete my degree and move to my new job in Germany. But I will keep myself updated on the collection and hope that you will soon find a permanent home for it. I will visit on my return to the UK and offer any assistance I can.

I hope the work that I have done has been useful for you. The work that you do is a credit to Newport and you clearly don’t get the recognition that you deserve. I really hope you continue to work for and support the Jerome Gatehouse Collection

Kindest regards
Laura Dobbs-Hellyar

European Commission Copyright Consultation

JGCT has contributed to the European Commission’s consultation on the reform of copyright rules by formally endorsing the views of the Europeana Foundation, of which we are members. You can view the response here.

The Commission’s aim is to ensure that copyright is a modern and effective tool that supports creation and innovation, supports access to content and strengthens cultural diversity.

The Europeana Foundation promotes collaboration between museums, archives, audio-visual collections and libraries, and facilitates access to their content through Europeana and other services.

In the response to the consultation, Europeana promotes the harmonisation of copyright rules across the European Community, the establishment of a copyright registration system, a reduction in the term of copyright protection, and a more flexible application of rules governing the activities of cultural heritage institutions, including the ability to make collections available on-line.

Reform of the European copyright system is likely to take some time, however if the Europeana recommendations are taken on-board, it will make it easier for organisations such as ours to make digitised copies of their collections available to a wider audience.

Review of Bands of Sisters by Jill M Sullivan

U.S. Women’s Military Bands during World War II
Scarecrow Press Ltd ISBN 978 – 0 – 8108 – 8162 – 4
American ‘wind Band Series No 3

"Bands of Sisters" covers a much neglected section of the history of women in the military in America and to some extent of Women worldwide. Jill Sullivan’s excellent, well researched publication also fills a gap in the history of military music. The breadth of information and excellent photographs make compulsive and interesting reading, especially where race and colour separated the bands.

A follow up would be wonderful to outline the contribution made by British Women in the world of Military Music

I would recommend this book to any person interested in Women’s history, Military Music, and Military History in general. It will certainly have a place on the bookshelves of the Jerome Gatehouse Collection Trust

Anne Gatehouse Life Trustee JGCT

Charity Status

We are now registered as a charity.
Our charity number is 1127433.

National Archives

There is now a listing for Jerome Gatehouse at the National Archives.
You can view this online here.

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