The Gatehouse Heritage Centre

Unfortunately, due to lack of help and support the Heritage Centre had to be closed on 1st March 2013. Everything has now been brought back to Hoskins Street where it will remain until we find a Suitable home for the whole collection.

The Gatehouse Heritage Centre was opened in May 2010 In Newport Provisions Market (NP20 2DD).

The unit is to promote the Jerome Gatehouse Collection Trust and to bring it to the attention of the people of Newport and surrounding areas.

There is a large display of posters and pictures and we are able to play music as well.

The Unit is now well established in the Gallery and has quite a number of visitors; unfortunately it is only open three mornings a week at the present time.

We have had several uniforms donated; two from a RAMC TA band along with a Band Banner, one RAF jacket and a complete Royal Marine Uniform along with other items of interest, instruments and model soldiers. Dudleys (a local firm) have very kindly donated cupboards and display units.

Anne Gatehouse working on the collection.
Anne Gatehouse working on the collection

If there is any way in which you can help make Anne's dream come true please contact Guy Hall on
(07799) 561219 or email or post to
24 Upper Power Street, Newport, NP20 5FT